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Ready for Action - Miss MMC!

In preparation for Miss Illinois this year I have taken a holistic approach when looking at why my social impact initiative needs national attention, what qualifications and plans I have to bring to the table, and incredible ways I can uplift and expand our organization!

This year‘s talent preparation is completely different because I am performing an original monologue instead of some type of performance talent. As a collegiate communication in

structor I found it was important to show my students the impact of the life skills they learned through speech and the incredible ways those in the audience can be impacted in just 90 seconds! Additionally, I am going to be competing for the first time as Annie Kamps instead of Ann Marie in the spirit of authenticity and showing who I really am!

However, the most important aspect when preparing for any pageant is doing real-life work through your social impact initiative. I originally created surviving adversity with the goal to raise the quality of life for those who have been affected by poverty, mental health, and addiction, like me. I quickly realized the incredible scope of surviving adversity reached far beyond those tough topics so I broadened my focus to include mentorship and the benefits of service-learning. Through my five national partnerships, I have been able to work from the ground up and impact the groups of people who are often first forgotten and I am excited to share with you the amazing ways civic engagement directly affects our quality of life every day! Most recently I have volunteered at the Illinois arts station, boys and girls club of Bloomington normal, as well as collected over 200 lbs of food for my local pop-up pantries and Midwest Foodbank!

I am incredibly proud of how far I have come as a competitor and a civic warrior over my time competing in the Miss America Organization! I am excited for everyone to hear my monologue, be impacted by my stories of surviving adversity, and see who Annie is this June!

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