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Meet Miss Quad Cities' Teen 2023, Marley Haley

Hey guys! My name is Marley and I’m your Miss Quad Cities’ Teen. I also have a lot of other duties that I perform in life like being a Pre-K to 5th-grade Sunday school teacher, being the fundraising head, co-social media head, and mentor for the Moline High School speech team, and founder of Get M.A.D! (Make A Difference)! I absolutely love my community at Moline High School, where I’m currently an advanced Junior at a fresh 16 years old! I’m involved in our FCA chapter, the Maroon Speechies Team, and the MHS Connect Table. I've recently been inducted into our National Honors Society and International Thespian Society chapters. I'm the voice of the Moline Daily Bulletin, and I love supporting the causes promoted by my peers. Go Maroons!

What makes me, me? Well, I love classic literature. My top reads are Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, my current reads are 1984 by Orson Wells and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I love classic rock, especially the Chuck Berry Band. I LOVE Disney, ask me anything about anything Disney and I’m sure to light right up! I really love energy drinks especially the QC local – Kick Serve Coffee– and Bubblr! (my friends literally describe me as a bubblr being effervescent and always helpful!) I really enjoy studying sciences (just like my Miss QC Jessica!) and I plan to go into Clinical and Research Pain Psychology after I graduate next year. Since I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome at 9, Chronic Insomnia at 10, Chronic Migraines at 12, and Severe Iron Deficiency at 16 I’ve really found an interest in the application of the AWESOME science I get to learn in my treatments. Something I really focus on with my social media that I would love to share is my form of permanent nerve damage, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. This disorder affects the left side of my body with the pain it causes but It also affects my brain with brain fog due to CRPS being one of the highest-ranking pain disorders at 42/50 on the McGill Pain Scale. My disorders drastically affect my life but I’ll never let them affect my living! I am proud to be a disabled delegate in the Miss America’s Teen Organization and an advocate for the struggles of we warriors!

One of my favorite roles presently is being the founder of Get M.A.D! (Make A Difference). Get M.A.D! (Make A Difference) is a need-based community volunteer organization that focuses on education and the practices of leading through example and productive anger. We began our work in August of 2022 and I decided on our brand based on the idea of using social injustices to motivate ourselves to Get M.A.D! and use that anger to Make A Difference! In my opinion, the most important work that we can do as activists and teens is to show what we are able to do to Make A Difference on our social media. I love the Brennan Center for Justice’s verification of this practice when they showed that young people increase their volunteerism by 30% when they obtain new information. This is why I spend a lot of my service energy on keeping people educated on the issues in the world today, in the hopes they’ll feel motivated to Make A Difference. So, this week I’m starting a new podcast, The WMCH Weekly Look, it’ll be a sampling of the radio show I host for the MHS Speech Team to explore international, national, and Quad City news. Check it out on Spotify!

I couldn’t be more excited to step onto the Miss Illinois’ Teen stage in June. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and it’s bonkers to know it’ll be here in the blink of an eye! Team MMC has truly been a dream to prep with, I love these ladies like crazy! Best supporters around, see y’all in Marion!

Follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook @missquadcitiesteen23 or @get.m.a.d email or to book me!

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