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MMC Fall Fundraiser

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Friends, putting up a local competition is not easy. Nicole & I recognized VERY early on that there was no way we would be able to do this one our own, from necessary skills, community connections & financially. And so, when we built our team we looked for people who filled in our weaknesses -- we chose women who will build up our future queens into the titleholders we want & the state of Illinois deserves. When we started seeking a home in the community, we looked for a business that would love our future queens & would take pride in being the start of their journey toward Miss Illinois. And now that we've set our groundwork, we need YOUR help to make everything come together.

While I've never handled the finances of a local pageant, I have directed two state competitions & am aware of the necessary budget in producing three nights of competition & have also directed numerous theatre productions, so understand the costs associated in running a theatre. In addition to the cost of the production, we have advertising, we will need to put together a set & decorate our lobby, we have to purchase the crowns & sashes to gift our new winners, we have state fees & most importantly, we have impactful scholarships we are so very eager to provide.

The ultimate goal of any MAO program is to provide scholarships & community opportunities to better the state & better that amazing woman who has taken on this volunteer job. And friends, it is indeed a job, so she deserves every bit of support she can get during that time. We are hustling hard to put together a prize package that we are proud of as a first year local & a package that sets a standard for who WE are as a program. Nicole can tell you, when she asked me to take on an Illinois local with her I said, "Fine, but if we are going to do it -- I want to be the best." And part of being the best is putting in the work to fundraise & support the future of the program.

We hope you will consider supporting the Miss Mississippi Crown Organization by joining us for our first big fundraiser September 21st at the Rock Island Moose Lodge. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the lodge for opening your doors to us! The lodge will be serving their famous fried chicken, as well as spaghetti for dinner & we are working with local businesses to put together a silent auction. We are hopeful this event will not only be a great opportunity to raise money for the program, but also an opportunity to gather & get to know each other. Our #MMCDreamTeam is built on friendship & we are always eager to expand our network of amazing people as we continue to grow in this organization.

If you are interested in supporting this event through a business donation, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

We cannot wait to see everyone in September! Thank you for supporting MMC & strong women across the state of Illinois!

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