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We Have a Home

When Nicole & I started searching for a venue, we really focused in on finding a home that we could grown in, as well as a home that WANTED us there. Plenty of venues are happy to rent out their spaces to fill open dates, but not everyone we came in contact with fell in love with MAO the way that we wanted. That being said, we found the perfect spot. Someone who loves what MAO stands for, is excited to be a part of the MMC family & is eager to provide opportunities to talented women in the area. We cannot wait to host our first pageant & the comeback of Miss Mississippi Crown at Center for Living Arts.

Dino & Tina welcome MMC with open arms & have seriously blown us away with their willingness to assist us in this new adventure. Center for Living Arts just, literally just, moved into a new space taking over the Establishment Theatre, right across the street from Circa 21. In just 2 weeks, Dino & Tina have added another 100 seats & started expanding the stage. Nicole & I had the opportunity to check in on the progress, as well as game plan for how we will utilize the space. I cannot stress enough how amazing these two are. The work they've accomplished in a few weeks is mind boggling. The theatre when finished renovating will seat around 250 people, has a large dressing room, a fully stocked bar & an adorable lobby that will allow us to comfortably seat all of our future guests come pageant day.

Center for Living Arts provides theatre education courses through productions for kiddos aged K-12. They have a huge passion for the arts & the impact it has on the lives of children. Arts, particularly theatre, teach incredibly important life skills such as public speaking, body language & empathy. Dino & Tina have taught some amazing performers, including the current Miss Iowa Emily Tinsman. They jumped right on board with our mission to empower talented women in the QC, so much so that they right away requested materials to share with their students who are eligible to compete.

We would love for you to look deeper into everything Center for Living Arts provides to the QC community & if possible attend their next performance: Frozen (Junior). I for one am beyond excited to see a JR High girl belt out "Let It Go". We hope to see you onstage or in the audience for our upcoming pageant October 27th at 4pm. We have a feeling it's going to be an amazing beginning to something really wonderful.

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