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Meet Emma, Mississippi Crown's Outstanding Teen 2020

I am a sucker for a woman on a mission. That drive, the fire behind their eyes pulls me right in & I leave those encounters just as inspired to make change happen. And Emma is on fire to win Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen. Nicole & I have been absolutely blown away by her sheer tenacity to make her dreams happen. Quite literally less than 24 hours after being crowned, this amazing young woman was in my dining room planning out the next few months worth of work necessary to take her to the next level. She took notes through the entire meeting, brought along a prepared a list of questions she had for us & actively took in every bit of information shared with her in that moment. So much so, that she left my home Monday evening & by Tuesday had formed the start of her first service project which kicked off this week....and she has already started prepping more opportunities to share her platform throughout the month.

Friends, she's kinda the coolest.

Emma will be continuing her work for veterans this year as Mississippi Crown's Outstanding Teen. Her personal platform, Supporting Veterans in the Local Community, focuses in on the needs of American Veterans - particularly mental healthcare. She is eager to continue educating the family & friends of veterans about the reality of mental health struggles within the veteran community & give support through physical donations. Emma has big plans to continue growing her work, which we cannot wait to see come to fruition.

As a vocalist & performer, Emma took home the top talent award at MMC this year. She's a fabulous mezzo, with the sweetest crystal-clear tone. We have a few options for state talent in the works, any of which will be perfect for her. In addition to being a talented vocalist, Emma is a national-qualified gymnast! She's a rockstar on the uneven bars & has won multiple medals in her time competing.

Emma is the baby of 3 sisters & currently lives with her momma and their three furbabies: 2 dogs, Lucy & Maggie, and 1 cat, Mellow. Emma is actively involved in her studies & a part of the Rock Riveters, which is a women's empowerment group at her high school. After Emma was crowned, Nicole & I had the opportunity to give a few quotes for her school newspaper. She has an amazing support system celebrating her win alongside her this year.

In the pageant world, Emma is a bit of a newbie - though you wouldn't guess it considering she won both preliminary awards this year at MMC: talent & interview. Emma began competing last year after watching some close friends compete within the system. She won her second local, Blackhawk Valley & thoroughly enjoyed her time at Miss Illinois. We're really glad Emma is able to represent her home here in the QC for another year. She's already established some great roots in the QC community & is sure to continue making impactful connections.

We seriously cannot wait to see this rockstar take on the year as Mississippi's Outstanding Teen. We've got big plans for her & she's got even bigger plans for herself.

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