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Meet Olivia, Quad Cities' Outstanding Teen 2020

We fell in love with Olivia before ever seeing her compete. Nicole was driving out to support another Illinois local competition & so we opened up the suggestion of carpooling to our MMC 2020 class. Olivia jumped at the opportunity & without skipping a beat accompanied Nicole & her stepdaughter to support the new queens. Nicole sent me the sweetest picture of the 3 of them all accidentally matching at the pageant. We texted about the results & then I asked Nicole how traveling with Olivia had gone. She responded with "She's adorable. I love her already."

Who wouldn't fall in love with this cutie?

Olivia proved to be a great competitor at MMC. She was kind, patient, always present, always ready to work & her positive attitude obviously made an impact on our judges as she placed 1st runner up. After the competition ended she remained ever-poised & genuinely happy for Emma. We never saw her smile falter or heard any inkling of bad feelings. I had the opportunity to love on her a bit post-competition while she packed her things & after telling her how proud we were mentioned that if she was up for it, we wanted to keep her as a second teen title. I told her to take a few days to work through all the feelings of the day's competition & then we'd touch base again. Nicole chatted up her momma a few days later with details & after waiting on pins & needles we finally heard back. We are so thrilled Olivia is a part of our 2020 family.

Olivia has been competing in pageantry since she was 6 & in fact, has more of a history with MMC than Nicole & I do. She held their preteen title in 2015 & says she "jumped at the chance" to compete for MMC again. Her platform, LIV: Love in Volumes, started through the joy she found in blessing others with random acts of kindness. As she grew into a young woman her platform continued to evolve. Once entering high school, Olivia noticed her peers were unaware of the opportunities they had within their communities to get involved. She is now an advocate for teens & other students to find an area of volunteerism that speaks to their heart. There is a form of service perfect for everyone, it just takes a bit of searching to find the right fit.

Olivia is an adoptee & lives with her momma, dad & older brother, Benett in Geneseo. She's a busy body & loves keeping a full schedule. Olivia is involved in Choir, Jazz Choir, Madrigal, Musical, Speech, Group Interpretation & is a GHS cheerleader! She is the Lieutenant Governor for division 17 Key Club, a Student Council representative, & actively involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She keeps busy outside of school in her church, volunteering & participating in community theatre productions.


We are so excited to see Olivia grow through her year as Quad Cities' Outstanding Teen. She has some fabulous role models to look up in her sister queens & has so much to offer not only as a competitor for Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen, but to our the Quad City community. Both are teens are undoubtedly going to take the Miss Illinois OT stage by storm!

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